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The fake University of LYON2 diploma and transcript.

1.University Name : University LYON2

2.Address : Lyon, France

3.Payment : Western Union Payment

4.Cycle : One week

The fake University of LYON2 diploma and transcript.

University LYON2 diploma

Buy degree, buy diploma, buy a fake diploma. buy certificate, buy fake degree, fake certificate. Lyon second university (hereinafter referred to as Leon's second) at the university of Lyon's predecessor was founded in 1896, from 1973 to the current system. This is a literature, language, and the humanities, law, political science, economics and management of comprehensive university, can provide more than 300 kinds of different degree courses. Leon: the second university consists of six college anthropology and sociology, law and political science, geography - the - art history and tourism, language, literature, science and art, economics and management science; Five special college: psychology, communication, science and practice of labor research, education, training, trade union organization; Four universities vocational college (IUP); 1 university institute of technology (IUT) and 1 political college (the ieps require curricular modules). Lyon's second university has 43 research laboratory, of which 20 for the French national center for scientific research (CNRS) cooperation unit and five doctoral graduate school. Lyon, the university has an international French teaching center (CIEF), can provide including summer courses

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